The #HighlySoughtAfter Talk Show

29. How to become top of your field as a creative (the NFT edition) - Patrick Bezalel

November 09, 2021 Eric Feng
The #HighlySoughtAfter Talk Show
29. How to become top of your field as a creative (the NFT edition) - Patrick Bezalel
Show Notes

Today I’ve with me a highly sought-after artist here in Singapore. His name is Patrick Bezalel and he’s a Faith-based fine arts artist specialising in digital hyperrealism and acrylic art. Over the last three years as a full-time artist, he has sold over 800 limited edition and original artworks, including to billionaires.

His works have also been featured in exhibitions in Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Milan, Spain and Luxembourg. His previous work as a creative director in an agency saw him serving high-profile clients, such as the NBA, and he directed an animation series for Jr NBA on YouTube that garnered millions of views.

Today, Patrick infuses hyperrealism art, augmented reality, and virtual reality, recently launching his very own Generative NFT art collection. So, if you want to learn how you can become top of your field as a creative in 2021, pay special attention to this episode!

Also listen out for Patrick's answers to the following questions:

  • Out of all the paintings you have painted, which one best represents you? - 1:21
  • What is your vision as an artist? - 3:49
  • What have been some of your key milestones over your last few years as an artist? - 6:33
  • Do you still remember your first painting that you produced? – 9:45
  • Out of all your art, which one has been the one that has fetched the most, and why? - 10:19
  • What do you think has been one value that has seen you through these 4-5 years as an artist? – 11:39
  • Where do you get your ideas from? And how do you continue to be creative and put so much content out? - 17:56
  • Can you describe your artwork here in the studio, Armour of God - 23:19
  • What gave you the idea of combining augmented reality (AR) with art? – 25:00
  • What gives you the spirit to continually innovate and try new things? – 27:30
  • When you do something new, there can be emotions of weirdness or fear. How do you deal with them? - 30:20
  • Can you explain NFTs? - 34:22
  • You recently launched an NFT collective. What got you started to launch your own? - 36:43
  • Let’s talk about your NFT. What have you created? – 40:14
  • For those who are curious, why should they own an NFT? – 47:30
  • Where can we check out and purchase one of your NFTs? - 51:36

If you want to keep in touch with Patrick, you can reach him on Instagram at @patrickbezalel

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