The #HighlySoughtAfter Talk Show

27. How to build an online community in your niche – Ivan Kuek

October 26, 2021 Eric Feng
The #HighlySoughtAfter Talk Show
27. How to build an online community in your niche – Ivan Kuek
Show Notes

Building an online community is a great way to attract like minded people to you. It is also an amazing way to learn from others and reach out to higher profile people you want to connect with. Brands will also want to work with you and your tribe, and it helps you to build your personal brand, which will inevitably help with your business.

So if you want to meet high profile people, you enjoy learning from smart, interesting people and you have a heart to serve and solve problems, you will love today's conversation.

My guest is Ivan Kuek, he is a content creator and community leader of three local communities, SGIG, The Social Running Club, and Photo Logue, which combined have over 17k members on Instagram and have connected thousands of people on the topics of photography and fitness. He has also featured by brands like Apple and has collaborated with Lululemon.

Remember to stay all the way to the end as I’m going to ask him the million-dollar question on how he got these big brands to work with him.

Also, listen out for Ivan's answers to the following questions:

  • What led you to start a photography and fitness community? – 0:48
  • Let’s talk about the first community you started, SGIG. How did that come about? - 1:46
  • You’re a passionate photographer who is passionate about taking photos. What motivated you to want to start a community around it? - 3:52
  • We know as entrepreneurs and businesspeople that there is value in building a community. What’s your take on it? - 6:28
  • We have listeners who are in financial advisory, real estate and network marketing and they understand the value of having a community. How can they go about starting one. Does it have to be about our work? - 10:35
  • What does it take to be a community leader? - 18:07
  • How has helping others with your communities helped you looking back? - 20:28
  • As a community leader, do you think being extroverted is just as important as bringing people together? - 24:13
  • What are some of the key mistakes people make when building their community? - 27:17
  • How can people who have a community revive their community? - 33:35
  • What tools do you use to manage those communities? - 36:24
  • Looking back over the last 11 years, how has that inevitably contributed back to your business? - 39:31
  • Tell us about this book, Get Connected - 45:27

If you want to keep in touch with Ivan, you can reach him (and his various communities: SGIG, The Social Running Club, and Photo Logue) on Instagram at @phonenomenon.

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