The #HighlySoughtAfter Talk Show

23. How to craft stories that sell and build your brand - Sam Neo

September 28, 2021 Eric Feng
The #HighlySoughtAfter Talk Show
23. How to craft stories that sell and build your brand - Sam Neo
Show Notes

Do you want to know how to sell your products and services without sounding salesy? Or do you want to know stand out from your competition and become memorable to your dream clients? The answer is through storytelling, and I have just the right guest to teach you how to craft stories that sell and build your brand!

His name is Sam Neo, a trusted advisor to well-known companies like Samsung, L’Oréal and Prudential through his employer branding consultancy firm, People Mentality Inc – which was recognised as one of APAC’s Top 10 HR and Employer Branding consultancy firms.

Sam also runs Stories of Asia, an incubator he launched to empower the Asian community to find their unique voices through story telling. More recently, he launched StoryBuddy, an AI-powered storytelling tool to make storytelling more accessible.

So if you want to sell more and sell easily without sounding salesy, you will love this interview!

If you're currently in the process of building your brand on social media, listen in at 36:50 as Sam shares a common mistake that people commonly overlook online in transforming their online relationships into offline ones, plus how you can nurture so they can blossom.

Also, listen in for Sam's answers to the following questions:

  • If your life is a movie, would what be the title? – 1:06
  • You were in HR; how did you end up in employer branding? – 2:26
  • Would you say in a nutshell, employer branding is about promoting a company to potential candidates, so they want to join that company? – 5:10
  • What is your definition of a brand? – 7:15
  • How does storytelling play a big part in creating trust towards a brand? – 7:45
  • Could you give two examples, a corporate example and a personal example – 8:30
  • Let’s say we’re running an agency, what is the process that you would go through to help them identify their unique brand story? – 12:54
  • What makes a good story? - 18:05
  • Is there a structure we can follow from a company’s point of view? – 19:01
  • How do stories play a part in sales? - 22:51
  • What have you done right on social media to build trust? - 26:50
  • For someone listening who wants to start building their personal brand on social media, what would be a framework you can give them? - 29:06
  • How can we turn online connections into offline connections? - 36:50
  • How can we increase our likability? - 38:02
  • What is one thing that you did right that led you to becoming highly sought after in your field of corporate branding? - 42:44
  • Is communicating our personal brand and our corporate brand double work? How do we balance them? - 44:50
  • Tell us about your new company Story Buddy – 47:00

If you want to keep in touch with Sam, you can reach him on Instagram @iamsamneo, or Stories of Asia @storiesofasia. You can also check out Stories of Asia here:

You can also check out Sam's brand new company Story Buddy here:

Read these books to become highly sought after in your own industry ->

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