The #HighlySoughtAfter Talk Show

17. How to dominate your industry and become number one in Asia - Violet Lim

August 17, 2021 Eric Feng
The #HighlySoughtAfter Talk Show
17. How to dominate your industry and become number one in Asia - Violet Lim
Show Notes

Are you looking to dominate your industry and become your customer’s number one choice? If the answer is yes, you’re going to love today’s interview.

Our guest is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Lunch Actually Group, Asia’s largest dating company which has arranged over 150,000 dates, and matched thousands of married couples across five countries.

Well regarded by the media as an authority in the dating and matchmaking world, Violet has been featured in over 4,500 media outlets, including The Straits Times, Bloomberg, and CNBC Asia. She was also featured in Singapore’s National Day video in 2005 as one of Singapore’s most aspiring people.

So it brings me great pleasure to have Violet with us in the studio today.

If you’re an entrepreneur, listen in at 25:09 where Violet shares how you can approach differentiation so you can dominate your niche and get your customers to fall madly in love with you. 

Also listen out for Violet’s answers to the following questions:

  • You studied law and then became a matchmaker. How did it happen? - 2:20
  • Being able to find love is one thing but helping others find love is a different thing. What gave you that confidence that you could help two strangers find love? - 6:22
  • Why Lunch Actually? – 13:52
  • Why did you choose purple as your signature colour? – 15:22
  • Matchmaking was a relatively new concept when you got started. What were some of the initial challenges you faced? - 17:58
  • How did you deal with the initial stigma around matchmaking? - 20:51
  • You later on expanded into Malaysia. At what stage of your business did you feel you were ready for Malaysia? – 22:22
  • How did you have such a global mindset from the get-go? – 23:09
  • When you were in the matchmaking business, was there a lot of competition? – 24:06
  • When competition started catching up with the emergence of and dating apps, how did you differentiate yourself? – 25:09
  • What’s Lunch Actually’s core competency? - 31:04
  • How did you manage to discover your fanbase, the people that would definitely love Lunch Actually? – 32:25
  • Now you know that your largest group that you serve are bankers and teachers, how does that help you in your strategy? – 33:30
  • Violet, you are number one now. It takes a lot of effort to have that market leadership. What can we do if we are number one in our own industry to stay number one? – 34:35
  • You were featured in over 4,500 media outlets. Would you say it’s about paying attention to the media, and then pitching to them along the lines of what they’re most interested in? - 39:31
  • How can we become a newsmaker as an entrepreneur or a personality? – 41:05
  • Give me your best tip for the singles? – 46:28
  • Give me your best tip for couples so they can remain happily married? – 49:10

If you want to keep in touch with Violet, you can reach her on Instagram @violetlim. You can also check out Lunch Actually online at

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