The #HighlySoughtAfter Talk Show

16. How to gain free publicity for your business - Joel Lim

August 10, 2021 Eric Feng
The #HighlySoughtAfter Talk Show
16. How to gain free publicity for your business - Joel Lim
Show Notes

Do you want to find out how you can generate free publicity for your business or personal brand? Or perhaps you're looking for advice on how to deal with bad press and negativity online. If so, you will love this episode!

In this episode of #HighlySoughtAfter, I have a chat with public relations professional Joel Lim who got a lot of positive attention from the media and public during the General Elections 2020 here in Singapore. His political commentary was picked up and featured in Channel News Asia, The Straits Times, and The Business Times.

Joel is also the host of a few podcasts, such as The Naughty Prude, and most recently his ‘I Have A Question’ YouTube educational series exploring current affairs and hot button issues in Singapore, in which he featured a minister on the show. Joel is also a Senior Public Relations and Marketing Executive at Gushcloud, while also working on ZYRUP, one of the largest digital entertainment publications. 

In today’s interview, he will be answering three key questions. Number one, how do you get positive publicity for your business. Number two, how do you prepare for a media interview. And number three, how do you deal with bad press and negativity online.

Hint: Listen in at 27:19 where Joel shares an insider’s secret on how you can attract the media’s attention and gain free publicity for your personal brand or business.

Also listen out for Joel’s answers to the following questions:

  • Walk our listeners through what exactly happened during the General Elections 2020 that shot you to fame? – 1:17
  • What led you to being so fascinated and interested in the world of PR? – 6:57
  • Why do you think a business must consider publicity as part of their marketing campaign? Why can’t they just rely on social media and paid ads? - 12:21
  • What are the different types of publicity that a person or business can get? - 14:57
  • As a business or personality, how can we capture the attention of media? – 17:46
  • What are some tips you can give us in being featured in the media? - 22:12
  • As a personality, how do I attract media’s attention? – 27:19
  • Let’s say we secure a media interview, what are some of the steps that we need to bear in mind as we prepare? – 30:39
  • So, if I were to get a difficult question, is there a method on how to answer those questions? – 38:53
  • Let’s say we’re the target of bad press, how can we deal with it? Can we talk our way out of it? – 46:12
  • Would you say to de-escalate the situation and to make people calm down it is to apologise? – 52:15
  • I’ve seen some influencers or personalities who got a bad reputation, and then they disappear for a while and then came back stronger. Is there a way to do that? – 54:50
  • Is there a book or video the audience could listen to in improving their PR skills? – 1:03:25

If you want to keep in touch with Joel, you can reach him on Instagram @limxjoel. You can also find his political analysis of the General Elections 2020 on his Instagram Story Highlights, as well as how one should manage a PR crisis. You can also catch Joel’s podcast The Naughty Prude on Spotify.

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