The #HighlySoughtAfter Talk Show

13. How to stop playing small and step into your own greatness – Lin Tan

June 01, 2021 Eric Feng
The #HighlySoughtAfter Talk Show
13. How to stop playing small and step into your own greatness – Lin Tan
Show Notes

In this episode of #HighlySoughtAfter, I have a chat with award-winning coach & master trainer Lin Tan. Lin is the youngest Master Certified Coach (MCC), which is the highest official coach certification one can achieve with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Lin has worked with hundreds of individuals and organisation, clocking over 4,000 years of coaching experience, turning them into extraordinary coaches. Being recognised for her works, Lin was awarded the Top 101 Global Coaching Leader award in 2020 by World HRD Congress and her works have been featured on Channel News Asia and Channel 8. She has also published a best-selling book on coaching.

Today, Lin champions professional coaches and coaching-leaders through her coach-training school, Collective Change Institute, and also contributes to the FORBES Coaches Council.

In today’s interview, Lin is going to play coach while you are going to play client, and the coaching objective is to help you stop playing small and step into your greatness!

Hint: Listen in at 33:23 where Lin shares the three big enemies to greatness, and practical ways we can overcome them so we can stop playing small, as well as how we can learn to recognise and step into our own greatness!

Also listen out for Lin’s answers to the following questions:

  • I’ve known you for 16 years and my first impression with you wasn’t a very positive one. Though as I got to know you better, I realised that you were constantly unsure about yourself, even though I knew that you were so powerful. 16 years later you're coaching CEOs and working with high profile clients like Google. What changed? – 1:48
  • What changed during that time, as we lost touch for a while. What happened in those 16 years that got you to be the Lin that I know today? - 6:22
  • How did you have that power to change that narrative that had been so deep rooted in you for so many years? – 13:14
  • Teach me, how can we do it in a practical way. Let’s say early on in the morning when I wake up. What can I do or say to myself so that I can constantly choose to be the greater me? - 15:36
  • What do you think would be a very good positive thought that we can have first thing in the morning that would encourage us to step into our own greatness? – 17:19
  • In your case, what was your biggest or highest value back then? – 18:14
  • Why do you think people out there who have heard and been told that ‘they are more than what they are a thousand times’, why are these people still playing small? – 18:47
  • How can one find their life philosophy? – 21:04
  • Even the bad ‘guests’ (thoughts) have something to teach you. Was there one for you or your client that led to a breakthrough? What did you do with them to change their thoughts and patterns of behaviour? – 28:42
  • There are three big enemies that cause us to play small and not step into our greatness: self-doubt, comparison, and imposter syndrome. What would you say are ways that we can deal with these bad ‘guests’? – 33:23
  • A lot of people listening to us right now are entrepreneurs and may be getting a lot of attention so they might be feeling doubtful. How can they start removing that baggage in a tangible way? – 42:58

If you want to keep in touch with Lin, you can reach her on Instagram @lin_t.

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