The #HighlySoughtAfter Talk Show

32. How to make lots of money while making a positive impact in this world- Mark Leong

March 08, 2022
The #HighlySoughtAfter Talk Show
32. How to make lots of money while making a positive impact in this world- Mark Leong
Show Notes

Would you like to 200 times your company's revenue while impacting hundreds and thousands of lives? If you do, you will love this episode as my guest did exactly that.

His name is Mark Leong and he's known as Asia Juice Guru. And his mission is to make the world a better place by first making the world a healthier place. He started with a simple juice bar, but over time his juice bar grew into a health company that recently surpassed eight figure revenue, in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. Forbes even named Mark, The Asian Who Challenged The Food Giants. Now, if your goal is to make lots of money in your business, while making a positive impact in this world, this is your episode. Prepare your fresh smoothie juice, and listen to this episode right away.

Also, listen out for Mark's answers to the following questions:

  • I noticed in every interview and in your videos you always dress up nicely. Why do you always dress up?-00:58
  • Why the name Asia Juice Guru?-07:25
  • Why the interest in juicing?-09:54
  • You started off your business running a simple juice bar and then right now, congratulations you at eight figures. What were some of the key milestones in your journey with these businesses and what were the mistakes and lessons?- 11:58
  • The importance of learning- 20:39
  • How to drive traffic?- 22:13
  • One of the videos on the topic of food education you created went viral with over 3 million views organically in just 2 weeks. How did you do it?- 22:49
  • How did COVID impact your business?-31:28
  • Scaling the business to 5 million?!-39:03
  • What are your missions and what you are doing to make it a reality?- 46:55
  • Tell us about your book?-48:52
  • So what are the worst advice over the years when it come to diet?- 51:03

If you want to keep in touch with Mark, you can reach him on Instagram at @asiajuiceguru

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